The Woot Woot Wagon

Introducing 'The Woot Woot Wagon'! This dynamic foursome are friends for life. This couples baby shower was hosted by Brad and Samantha for their BFF's Emily and Wesley. Together they celebrate and prepare to welcome sweet baby boy, Whitaker Scott.

And I'm totally picking up what they're throwing down:

Can I get a 'woot-woot' for these monogrammed, personalized edible works of art?!

Sugar Columbia (@sugar.columbia) didn't miss a beat with these adorable sugar cookies.

Impeccably designed. Incredibly sweet! 

Baby shower sugar cookies for a boy

Even more reason to whoop it up:

Champagne baby shower favors inviting guests to a collective toast upon Baby's arrival.  Pop that bottle and send a cheer when Baby Whit is here!

champagne baby shower favors for a boy

Woot to the woot!

Thanks so much for sharing a glimpse of your special day.  Looks like you're doing it all right, friends! Best to the four of you as we welcome Baby Whitaker.


Photos by @samjoking_

Cookies by Sugar Columbia at @sugar.columbia

Champagne Baby Shower Tags by @pop_it_when_she_pops

💙 UPDATE:  Welcome Baby Whit 💙

Baby, Baby, Baby: Congratulations to 'The Wagon' (especially to Mama). We're thrilled to hear of Baby's arrival, and that Baby and Mama are doing well.

He's perfect in every way.


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