Celebrating MOM-osa to Be!

Grandmother-to-be Marla went all out for her daughter Alexa's baby shower.

Hosted in Marla's home, Baby Mama Alexa and her guests were greeted with a cute-as-can-be Onesie clothes line, silver dollar eucalyptus and pink flower decor, and don’t EVEN get me started on that charcuterie tray!!

I swore the shower must have been catered, but the girls actually shopped at Costco and the local grocery stores. Impeccably staged, ladies! Who’s hungry now?!

chateruse tray

The celebration was topped off with a mom-osa bar where the champagne was kept colorfully cool in ice cubes filled with brilliant purple status and brightly colored carnations. 

mom-osa bar

edible floral ice cubes

From Grandma Marla: "...we discussed whether or not we would do edible flowers versus decorative. After visiting several florists we learned that edible flowers have to be pre-ordered in advance. So that wasn’t an option! After discussing flower choices the Rose Garden florist in Barnegat NJ suggested bright colored carnations, purple status and green trick carnations. Needless to say they were extremely easy to cut with scissors to make a 'confetti' that easily was sprinkled into the ice trays. Lo and behold, beautiful decorative ice cubes."

mini champagne baby shower favors


Miniature bottles of champagne were given as favors to each guest inviting them to enjoy a toast when Baby Lively arrives. Cheers!

This dedication on the just goes to show that with a little determination and a whole lot of heart, a DIY at home shower can be what baby shower dreams are made of. Thank you, Marla, for sharing photos of this very special day.

Baby Mama Alexa

We wish Mama Alexa and Baby Lively health, happiness and a vibrant beginning!


Charcuterie Tray - DIY Costco and Local Grocery



April 20, 2019 — Mae Updegraff


Esther Craven

Esther Craven said:

Sooo picture perfect, looks like it’s out of a movie. Adorable!

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