Maren Morris Postpartum Depression

September was certainly a whirlwind month for Pop It When She Pops Mama Maren Morris.

Maren Morris Baby Shower Favors Pop It When She Pops

We were thrilled to see our Pop tags at Maren’s Nashville babyshower back in February. But the birth of baby Hayes hasn’t been the only thing to celebrate in 2020 for the pop-country star! On September 16th, Maren Morris accepted the award of Female Artist of the Year at the American Country Music Awards (ACMA).

We’re sure no one was surprised when she included Baby Hayes in her thank you speech.

“This is an award I never thought I would get to win,” she said. “So thank you to the voters, thank you to my beautiful husband. And my new baby boy, Hayes, who is definitely asleep right now — I hope!" 

Maren Morris ACMA 2020

We hope baby Hayes slept through the awards too, Maren!

Winning Female Artist of the Year at the ACMAs is no small feat for any woman, but it’s especially empowering to see a new mom stand up and accept the award.

That’s not to say that motherhood has been all smooth sailing. 

Since announcing the birth of son Hayes in March of this year, Maren has opened up about her struggle with postpartum depression. While up to 80% of new moms experience some degree of the baby blues, postpartum depression is a clinical illness that can be helped with proper treatment.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Maren described feeling like she was drowning. She said, “You’re trying to become a new mother and good parent and do everything right, and you just feel like you suck at every level.” 

Fortunately, she has said that she feels like she’s getting back to normal, in part thanks to phone therapy she was able to do during the pandemic. “I’m kinda coming through the tunnel now. I feel back to normal” and added, “fortunately I was able to phone therapy during the pandemic.

September was also the month that Hayes turned 6 months old. Maren shared a sweet photo and wish on her Instagram:

Maren Morris Baby Hayes 6 months old on IG

We see you all of you doing your best, Mamas, even when it feels hard. With every popped champagne, we cheer to honor YOU and all that you do for yourselves and your families.


If you or someone you love is struggling with postpartum depression, help is available. Talk with your partner and healthcare provider, or visit the Postpartum Support International website for free resources. 

August 11, 2020 — Mae Updegraff

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