A Maritime-Themed Shower in Poland

We’re proud to be part of this overseas, maritime-themed shower hosted at Garden Restauracia in Kraków, Poland. So in answer to whether international shipping is available…


maritime baby shower poland

Our girl @patyczeks (middle) spent her baby shower with sister-friends @magdalenanogalska and @ann_sisque.

And we’re more than happy to share the fun with you!

maritime-baby-shower-selfie        floral-crowns-baby-shower

We’re all about selfies too, especially with a cute belly like that. The fashion, the fun and oh that floral crown. You ‘glow’ girl!

pop it when she pops champagne tags

No baby shower would be complete without a celebratory toast--after the baby arrives for the woman of honor, of course! These personal champagne bottles and customized tags invite guests to celebrate when the big day arrives.

patyczeks baby shower dessert

Sweets are a must to celebrate a sweet babe on the way. These look melt-in-your-mouth delicious!
Thank you for sharing your day with us, @patyczeks! We wish you all the best with your little sailor!


February 28, 2019 — Mae Updegraff

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